She is a refreshing doctor: caring, highly competent, funny and very organized and efficient. She really cares about me as a person. She is very knowledgeable but can explain things in an easy to understand way. She always sends the information to my primary care doctor. I highly recommend her.
L.W., Beaverton, OR
I’ve been a patient of Dr. Curosh’s for about a year now, and can honestly say that she is probably the best endocrinologist in the state if not the whole Northwest. I have both diabetes and thyroid problems, and see her for both of them after trying every other endocrinologist in Portland and Salem, as well as a consult or two in Seattle. My diabetes is now under good control for the first time in years and my thyroid problem has finally been diagnosed and properly treated. I’ve referred everyone I know to her now, and should frankly ask for a pack of her business cards. The biggest downside? There’s only one of her, and she’s really, really busy.

First, Dr. Curosh seems to see the hardest and most complicated patients – so everything is harder from their insurance coverage and processing drug and treatment requests for them to making sure they get enough time and drawing their blood. (I know – I’m one of these people!) Second, her office is still run the way medicine used to be. The place isn’t physically big enough for lots of staff, and it’s that doctor that sees you rather than a nurse or physician assistant or medical student. All of the paperwork is hard to process, and my own health plan now requires referrals and pre-authorization forms for everything I need. I find that I’ve gotten the best results by trying to do everything I can possibly do on prescriptions and referrals myself rather than asking them to everything an expecting that it’ll somehow magically get done without delays. If I want convenience I can always go back to Kaiser, but then my blood sugars will go back to being out of control! The bottom line is that, in my mind, this doctor is worth whatever hassles I have to go through to keep her. The most important thing is that she’s the only one who’s been able to keep me healthy, and it’d be a disaster to lose her.  Besides, I love her current receptionist and medical assistant. They’re among the best I’ve had anywhere and I hope they don’t move away.

R.G., The Dalles, OR
Great doctor, great care, small office. I finally found Dr. Curosh after years of getting crummy care for my diabetes. Thank God!

Been to OHSU. Impersonal, hard to get to, research oriented, bureaucratic and (except for Dr. Ahman) out of touch with reality. Maybe they should spend more on care and less on trams.

Finally got referred to Dr. Curosh by a friend who works in a medical office. The doctor there goes to Dr. Curosh for his own care.

The office is small – only two employees and two exam rooms. They seem to put all of their effort into care rather than decor. I have type 2 diabetes and my sugars were all over the place. It took a while to get an appointment with Dr. Curosh, but now I know why. Everyone wants to see her apparently.

My first visit lasted an hour. She took a careful history, did an exam, and the did something no one else ever did. She explained exactly how diabetes works and why mine was different, and described all of the possible treatments and their advantages and disadvantages. I later found out that all of the medications that I’d been on were older, cheaper meds that weren’t really the best for my particular case. (I’m sure the insurance company loved them, though.) She did an initial A1C (it was 10.8), checked for kidney damage and cholesterol.

Then she changed my medications and actually followed up to make sure that they were doing what they were supposed to. Changed my insulin. Changed it again until I got on something that both worked and I could live with. At this point my A1C is 6.6 and I feel so much better that it’s not even funny. My primary care is astonished that my diabetes is finally under good control. (He actually told me that he didn’t think that it was possible after all of the other endos I’d been to.) He sends all of his hard patients to Dr. Curosh now. Plus she’s incredibly nice.

It took a while to get in for the very first appointment but I see her every 3 months now and have no difficulty getting in. This doctor is worth her weight in gold as far as I’m concerned. She is concerned about the whole patient not just the diabetes. She treats me like an adult. She is willing to discuss medications and options. She is very current on all new information that comes in regarding diabetes and willing to answer questions fully. I feel listened to, and when was the last time a doctor gave that impression? I feel so much better. If you have a GP that tells you they can treat your diabetes, RUN! They really can’t. There’s so much new stuff on this disease, you really need to find a good Endocrinologist. I found a GREAT one!

R.S., Portland, OR

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