What Records Do I Need and How Do I Get Them?

Many patients think that they may need copies of their entire medical record, but this is usually not the case.  What your doctor typically wants to see are the most recent notes that are relevant to your condition. More is not necessarily better.  Generally speaking you’ll want to obtain only what you need to make sure that your doctor knows your current status.  You should also know that Dr. Curosh typically sends regular reports of her findings and the care that she is providing to you primary care doctor.  If you are keeping your primary care doctor, he/she may already have all the information that you will need to pass along to your new endocrinologist.    

Here is how to get records you may want from Dr. Curosh’s practice or the future medical records custodian:

  1. Sign and deliver a completed and signed records release authorization form that you will find on our website www.nancycuroshmd.com.
  2. Specify which records you would like us to send if you would like to have them sent before February 28th, 2020.  All fees must be paid before we can send any records.  You have three options for having our office provide your records, and one option for having Desert River Solutions provide your records:
    1. Option 1:  If you would like just your clinically important information faxed to your new doctor, this will be done for free.
    2. Option 2:  If you would like a physical copy of just your clinically important information, it will cost $25 to pull and duplicate the records, and an additional $5 if you would like them mailed.
    3. Option 3:  If you would like your entire medical record faxed or copied, in accordance with Oregon law there will be a fee of $30 for the first ten pages, $0.25 for each additional page, and an additional $5 for mailing.

If you choose Option 2 or Option 3, we must have both your signed release and a check for payment before we can copy the records.  If you would like your entire medical record copied, please call our office so that we may determine the final cost.

After February 28th, 2020, all patient records will be boxed and sent to Desert River Solutions.  Please be aware that there will be a period of up to 14 business days in which your medical records may not be available while they are in transit and/or being scanned!  Desert River Solutions will then be the custodian of all of Dr. Curosh’s medical records. They will charge a fee of $25 for a complete copy of your medical records. To request patient medical records, please visit their website below to sign and return the medical release form.  All instructions are on their webpage:


Contact information for Desert River Solutions:

requests@DesertRiverSolutions.com  (Email)

480-577-3150 (Phone)

520-214-0068 (Fax)